Security Questionnaire Response Management (SQRM)

Reduce or eliminate the time—and agony—spent answering security questionnaires.

Let’s be honest: filling out security questionnaires is not fun. It takes considerable time, effort, expertise and coordination to do it well… and it needs to be done well. Often a new deal is on the line.

With Pivot Point Security as your trusted partner, we take on the responsibility of collecting, accurately completing, and submitting all your security questionnaires. Clients who leverage our Security Questionnaire Response Management (SQRM) service enjoy the great feeling of never having to fill out a security questionnaire again, while resting easy knowing their questionnaire responses are being managed by Vendor Risk Management (VRM) professionals.

If you need fast and accurate completion of security questionnaires to close sales, contact us today.

Why Choose Pivot Point Security for SQRM Services?

  • Our blend of personal vendor risk management expertise plus oursolution allows us to efficiently processes security questionnaires and guarantee an accurate output.
  • Our NPS is world-class… ask us for references PLEASE!
  • Our team is 100% full-time employees; this gives you a level of service and security a one-and-done contractor cannot provide.
  • Our information security expertise extends far beyond vendor risk management. We can leverage experts in a wide range of information security fields to ensure your security questionnaires are being answered accurately.

How Our SQRM Service Works

  1. We’ll collect previous completed assessments and relevant security policies. If you have none, no worries! We can start from scratch.
  2. Our VRM experts will build, review and verify your database of answers to security questions for accuracy, consistency and clarity.
  3. Send us your next security questionnaire… then grab a beer (or wine, whisky, lemonade… whatever makes you happy 😊).
  4. We submit your response on your behalf—showing your future client that you take the security of their information seriously.

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What you can expect

If you decide to partner with Pivot Point Security for SQRM Services, you can expect:

  • Faster, more accurate and more cost-effective completion of security questionnaires.
  • Security is your competitive advantage – answers to your security questionnaires will promote your commitment to security and demonstrate value to your potential customers beyond your competition.
  • Happier sales staff, who will no longer need to (aggressively) push questionnaires through your organization
  • Some laughs, some “The Office” references, and—most importantly—professional service from security experts who live in the vendor risk management trenches every day.

Security Questionnaire FAQ’s

Are you able to handle a large number of questions and/or questionnaires?

With the combination of cutting edge AI software and full-time VRM experts, you can rest assured that any volume of requests can be handled.

Who will be managing my security questionnaires?

A US-based, full-time Pivot Point Security employee with expert security certifications will be managing your security questionnaires.

Will my information be kept safe?

Pivot Point Security is an ISO 27001-certified company that takes information security seriously. We use multiple layers of security and industry-best encryption standards to ensure your information is kept safe.

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