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Virtual CISO Services (vCISO Services) & Virtual Security Team Services

Expert Security Knowledge Within Your Organization

Pivot Point Security’s Virtual CISO (vCISO) & Virtual Security Team Services Provide Access to a Security Leader and Team of Experts that Build and Execute Your Security Roadmap.

Most small to medium-sized organizations need information security expertise and direction but not enough to justify the high cost of a full-time expert. Pivot Point Security’s (PPS) Virtual Security Team led by a vCISO and supported by a Program Manager gives you and your company on-demand security expertise for a fraction of the cost to hire a full-time expert.

What is a vCISO & a Virtual Security Team (vST)?

vCISO Services

A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) maintains the same responsibilities as a conventional CISO, building and maintaining the company’s security vision, strategy, and program to ensure information assets and technologies are adequately protected.

However, a vCISO affords an organization flexibility in terms of:

  • Breadth – PPS’s vCISO, with the help of its Virtual Security Team (vST), can address all your information security needs related to your business or PPS can stay focused on a select few areas that may have the most significant impact and importance to your business.
  • Depth – PPS’s vCISO can provide high-level guidance across all information security objectives as well as dive deep in areas where there is significant risk. With the support of a highly experienced team of subject matter experts our vCISO is always prepared to guide you and your business at a strategic and tactical level working as an extension of your team.
  • Frequency – a vCISO can act as a semi-permanent fixture within an organization or can integrate as appropriate to meet long-term goals

vST (Virtual Security Team) Services

A Virtual Security Team is the group of subject matter experts and implementers available to support the vCISO at any time to assist in the development and maintenance of your information security management system. A vST may include experts in the following areas:

Governance, Risk & Compliance – Assessments & Audits – Third Party Risk Management
Incident Response – Business Continuity Management – Penetration Testing & Phishing
Network Security – Application Security – Security Awareness Education

Drowning in Responsibility

CIO’s & CTO’s are often left out at sea fighting to stay afloat amidst the storm of demands that rain down from key stakeholders in your business.

Managing security demands from internal and external stakeholders while continuing to advance your organization’s information technology solutions is a significant challenge.

Ultimately, it’s difficult to be confident in the direction of your information security program.

Your Virtual CISO (vCISO) and Virtual Security Team Options

Throw You a Lifeline

Many CIO’s & CTO’s want to remain the main conduit to their key stakeholders security requests. Managing the day to day demands of customers, regulators, employees and management is a key part of their position.

However, they often need help. With a dedicated vCISO and Program Manager these CIO’s & CTO’s have access to the high level expertise they need to adequately manage the demands placed on them.

In this model you will be guided away from the storm, but you are willing to take a measured pace toward your desired state.

A Boat to Keep You Afloat

Many CIO’s & CTO’s want to stay in the loop on what security related demands are coming from their key stakeholders but do not want to manage all the day to day requests and responses.

With a dedicated vCISO, Program Manager and direct access to a team of security SME’s these CIO’s & CTO’s gain a team of experts that help pull them towards their destination.

In this model your guide shares the torrent of responsibility, relinquishing some of your day to day activities. This allows a more rapid approach toward your desired state.

Smooth Security Sailing

Many CIO’s & CTO’s want to be completely shielded from the constant security related demands of their key stakeholders.

With a dedicated vCISO, Program Manager and Virtual Security Team, these CIO’s & CTO’s gain a team of experts that essentially run their security organization.

In this model you are afforded all the necessary amenities to cruise toward your desired state in confidence!

Another Day in Paradise

No matter the mode of your journey, working with a Pivot Point Security vCISO and Virtual Security team shelters you from the storm and fortifies your information security program for the future.

Arrive at your paradise!

Download our vCISO Implementation Roadmap for step-by-step guidance to ensure success with your vCISO

Here’s how vCISO and vST services work

  • Scope – The Pivot Point Security team will conduct a scoping exercise to understand critical information, processes that act on them, assets that support the processes (systems/personnel/vendors), and laws/regulations/contractual obligations. In addition, we discover other internal/external issues that impact risk and risk treatment decisions. The result is a clear understanding of current business and technology initiatives impacting risk.
  • Risk – PPS conducts rapid risk assessment to understand inherent risk.
  • Gap – PPS conducts a rapid gap assessment to understand maturity of key information security controls and leverage the assessment to quantify residual risk.
  • Vision – PPS establishes an over-arching vision for information security and a strategic roadmap to achieve it.
  • Priorities – PPS engineers priorities/objectives for the first 90 days
  • Treatment – Develop risk & gap treatment plans that will feed into a strategic roadmap.
  • Manage – PPS will meet regularly (often bi-weekly) to track progress against the plan, address any existing issues impacting the plan, discuss new issues, and tune the plan as necessary.
  • Improve – PPS will meet quarterly to assess our performance and establish our next 90- day plan.


What is a vCISO?

A virtual CISO (vCISO) is an outsourced information security practitioner who provides expertise and guidance, as well as strategic and operational leadership, to an organization on an ongoing basis, usually part-time and remotely. The vCISO performs many or all the functions of a full-time CISO on a fractional basis.

How can a vCISO help my business?

A virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) can help an organization:

  1. Save considerable money over the salary and other costs of a full-time CISO
  2. Get the expertise and consistent guidance of a CISO even if they don’t need one full-time
  3. Create and execute a holistic information security strategy
  4. Identify, analyze and address information security risks
  5. Manage an in-house information security team
  6. Deal with regulations (e.g., the NYDFS cybersecurity regulation) that mandate the designation of a qualified CISO
  7. Address critical project-based or point-in-time security concerns, such as those arising from a data breach, a merger/acquisition, new regulatory, or client demands, etc.

When to hire a vCISO?

Here are the top reasons to consider hiring a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO):

  1. If you’re unable to afford or attract the security talent you need for a project or longer-term
  2. If you need specialized security expertise, leadership, or strategic vision
  3. If regulations mandate that you designate a vCISO
  4. When you recognize you need to systematically improve your information security posture
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by Anonymous on Pivot Point Security

John Verry is great as our vCISO. He seems be spread fairly thin and it would be great to have him or another vCISO available during the business day. Various policies are managed by various consultants, but it would be nice to be introduced to the entire team day at the start of the engagement. It would also be great to have a better sense of who does what at Pivot and how much Pivot can handle for the firm vs what the firm needs to work on themselves.

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