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Network Penetration Testing

Prove You are Secure from Malicious Activities Both Inside & Out

From rogue hackers and malicious nation states to disgruntled or ill-informed employees, organizations are faced with ever evolving threats to their networks and therefore the life-blood of their business. At Pivot Point Security, we partner with clients to help them understand and address the vulnerabilities in their networks. Ultimately, our clients can prove their networks are secure and their IT departments know where to place its valuable resources to close network security gaps.

What is a Network Penetration Test?

Network penetration testing is a method of evaluating the security of your network infrastructure, i.e. computer systems, networks, people or applications – by simulating an attack from malicious outsiders (unauthorized) and/or malicious insiders (authorized) to identify attack vectors, vulnerabilities and control weaknesses. It involves the use of a variety of manual techniques supported by automated tools and looks to exploit known vulnerabilities.

Our experienced testers identify specific weaknesses in an organization’s security operation. By safely attempting to discover and exploit the vulnerabilities of your network, applications, people, from an unauthenticated perspective, we find the “leaks” in your system before damage occurs. Because these ethical hacking tests are carried out by skilled professionals, we are able to uncover risks that would be impossible to detect with simple scanning software.

Do I Really Need a Penetration Test?

Whether you need to prove regulatory compliance, satisfy a request from your boss, or need to show security maturity to a client (or clients), a penetration test is a great mechanism to accomplish your goals.

However, people often approach us to perform a penetration test but they’re truly not ready yet and would be better served by a comprehensive vulnerability assessment first. The information obtained, effort required, and cost are very different between these two assessments. If you are unsure about what you need feel free to reach out to us: info@pivotpointsecurity.com

Why Pivot Point Security?

Our team of security professionals have performed thousands of penetration tests and safely uncovered (and helped plan remediation) hundreds of critical vulnerabilities. Whether you have never performed a pen test or are searching for a new partner, our proven process allows us to accomplish your unique goals & objectives.

Proven Process

Our proven TPRM process is a cycle that revolves around you, the client.

What Can I Expect?

Ultimately our clients gain the information they need to address their network security concerns in the most efficient way possible. Penetration test results can also be used to satisfy contractual or regulatory requirements.

Most companies have limited resources. Working with Pivot Point Security guarantees your IT department will be working on the most pressing security issues facing your network and therefore your organization.

In short, you can expect assured success…. Your goals are our goals. We earn our fee only when your goals are met or (preferably) exceeded!

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