Information Security For Industries

  • Information Security & Compliance domain expertise — No matter what industry you are in, this is the most critical decision factor. Domain expertise is industry-independent.
  • Organizational Character – Will they deliver on their promise in a transparent manner, look out for our best interests, handle adversity with professionalism, and make the process agreeable? No matter what industry you are in, this is somewhere between “nice to have” and critical.
  • Industry Experience – Do they understand your issues? The importance of industry expertise varies widely and is most important if you face unique concerns like:
    • External Contexts – Regulations, business conditions, financial and political environments, shareholders, stakeholder expectations, threat agents
    • Internal Contexts – Corporate culture; key resources including personnel, systems, processes, and capital
    • Logical Contexts – technologies, reliance on third parties, risk impacts

The more specific these contexts are to your industry or circumstances, the more important industry expertise is in your decision-making process. We have worked with clients in many industries beyond those listed below. If you’re curious as to whether we have worked in your particular vertical, please check out this list, visit our blog, and/or drop us a line and we can fill you in.


Meet Nishant

He’s the VP of Data Center Operations – at a company that provides employee screening services.

He has informally “inherited” the role of CSO … but is too busy with operations to do it due diligence.

Addressing customer information security questionnaires/audits is consuming an ever growing percentage of his time.

He needed help.

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