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HITRUST Certification Made Simple


Organizations supporting healthcare providers are often pushed toward HITRUST certification.  By partnering with our team of experts, implementing and executing security controls to comply with HITRUST is a guaranteed reality. Clients who work with us continue to grow their brand & business within the healthcare industry with an independently verifiable information security management system.

HITRUST Explained

HITRUST, or the Health Information Trust Alliance, established the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) to help safeguard electronic protected health information (ePHI). The CSF provides a set of standards and auditable controls that bring together several other compliance frameworks and standards including HIPAA, PCI, ISO, and NIST for its certifiable framework. HITRUST enables organizations having multiple security and compliance requirements to streamline this process.

Where do I begin?

Whether you are a healthcare provider subsidiary, hold ePHI, or just support organizations in the healthcare industry, the end game is the same; gain HITRUST certification to maintain and grow your business. Pressure to gain this certification has been growing and if you are like any of our clients, accomplishing this task is extremely important to both your personal and organizational success.

Finding the time and resources to effectively reach HITRUST certification can be a significant challenge. We often hear the questions like:

  • How much will HITRUST certification cost?
  • How much time/effort and what people need to be involved?
  • When can we be certified / how long will it take?

The base question inevitably is, “Where should I begin?”

The HITRUST Certification Process

With Pivot Point Security as your trusted partner, you will have a clear roadmap on where to begin and the steps you need to take to reach certification.  Our proven process is the map and we are here to guide you to your goal.

HITRUST Certification Proven Process:

HITRUST Certification Process Phase 1 chart
HITRUST Certification Process phase 2 Chart

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The Result?

Peace-of-mind.  You can rest easy knowing your organization is on a path towards HITRUST certification and your business can continue to grow.


Gaining certification without a trusted partner and clear plan leaves your organization open to expensive and time-consuming mistakes.  There is too much at stake to leave the growth of your business & relationship with your clients so vulnerable.

With that in mind:

We don’t pretend we are the only group of quality HITRUST consultants but we do feel it’s crucial for you to reach your goals.  If we are not the right partner for you, we would be happy to help point you in the direction that most clearly aligns with your objectives.

The security of your operations and continuation of your organization is what we care about.

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