About Pivot Point Security

We help businesses manage information security & privacy risk to build stronger, more resilient people and companies.

Our goal is to strengthen and secure one thousand customers, their one million employees, and the one billion lives they touch.

John Verry

CISO & Managing Partner, Pivot Point Security

Leading Information Security Assessment and Consulting Firm Since 2001

Since 2001, Pivot Point Security has been helping organizations understand and effectively manage their information security risk. We work as a logical extension of your team simplifying the complexities of security and compliance. We’re where to turn – when infosec gets challenging.


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What Makes Pivot Point Security Unique?

  • Extreme competence, but with personality and a bit of fun (think Audi RS5 not Camry)
  • Proven Success as we align ourselves with trusted, widely accepted & proven security standards to ensure our guidance is optimized, repeatable, independent, and actionable.
  • We are a single source of information assurance. We leave other professional services to other professionals; information security is our thing.

Our Guarantee

  • Assured Success – Our goals are our clients’ goals. If we don’t accomplish our clients’ goals, we didn’t earn our fee… so you won’t be billed.

Our Core Values

  • Tell The Truth – Honesty is almost always the best policy
  • Do the Right Thing – Work hard, keep commitments, be responsible and worthy of freedom, understand shared accountability
  • Smile – Life is too short not to … likability is nearly as important as competence
  • Seek “Win-Win” – Think cooperative, not competitive – seek mutual benefit in all interactions
  • Provide Clear and Actionable Guidance – Every situation is unique: listen, understand, express a clear opinion, and impart knowledge
  • Simplify – Does that need any explanation 🙂
  • Be Customer Focused

Our Leader is John Verry: CISO, Managing Partner (and Security Sherpa)

John Verry takes his role as “Security Sherpa” (guide) quite seriously, believing that security is a path not a destination; he is committed to helping entities of all sizes and shapes achieve their security goals. He has led hundreds of high-profile security assessments across diverse noteworthy systems in government, telecommunications, critical infrastructure, finance and transportation for over ten years. A frequent speaker on information assurance and the host of our show, The Virtual CISO Podcast, Verry often emphasizes management’s role in controlling information security risk. He frequently shares his expertise on the PPS blog and has authored numerous information assurance white papers and articles.


Pivot Point Security
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