API Penetration Testing

Know Your APIs are Secure

Due to the increased usage of APIs, especially from third party developers (Google, Facebook, etc.), it’s often challenging for application developers to prove their APIs and overall applications are secure. Developers who leverage Pivot Point Security’s API Penetration Testing efficiently demonstrate their APIs are secure from known vulnerabilities (such as XSS, injection, etc.) and gain valuable guidance on how to close any security gaps.

The benefits of using API’s to build and operate applications are significant:

  • Reduction in development time
  • Consistent dependable performance
  • Simplified maintenance

The goal is to capture the benefits APIs bring while realizing and remediating the risk they impose.

Are you concerned your APIs are putting your application’s security at risk? If so, reach out!

Pivot Point Security has helped many organizations prove their applications are secure and bring peace-of-mind to developers they are building secure applications.

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