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You are about to embark on an adventure through the depths of security awareness education. Through the twists and turns, we are here to help you navigate through your journey.
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Your guide through this journey will be
John Verry – Security Sherpa extraordinaire.

Through the four branches of the Social Engineering jungle and the three seas of Passwords, John will guide your team around all perils. He will point out things to avoid, fun facts (including some cool cultural references), and some key tips that will be helpful for many years after your journey has concluded.

The Journey Begins

Armed with an Internet connection, your sense of adventure, and a desire to learn, you are ready to begin your journey. Though you can tackle the Jungle of Social Engineering or the Seas of Passwords in any order, we strongly recommend you start with the Social Engineering courses first and view them in the proper order.

When you are ready to begin, click on one of the links below. It will open the direct link to the video.
The videos range anyway from 12-20 minutes long.

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Claim Your Treasure (and Bragging Rights)

What is the sense of going on an adventure without having something to show for it after the fact? After John has guided you through one of the paths through the adventure, take a break (and a quiz) to see how well you did. Your SAE administrator can provide you with a link to this excursion.

The quizzes consist of multiple choice and true/false questions. If you manage to receive an 80 or above, you passed (your SAE administrator can also provide you with your score once you have submitted your responses).

Certificates can be sent to you as you complete your training by your SAE administrator.
Feel free to plaster your refrigerator, your office, and your social media accounts with your accomplishments.