Giving Back

Giving Back

As a trust-centric company we believe our trustworthiness should extend beyond the bounds of traditional organizational trust. Accordingly, our Reference and Referral program seeks to enhance the success we have enjoyed by contributing to society as a whole through gifts of resources and time to worthwhile charitable organizations.

Our customers’ referrals provide us the opportunity to make donations of money and time to three local charities: Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, The Trenton City Museum and Project Freedom. In addition, we have partnered with B1G1 for the ability to make an impact around the world.


The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) is a private, non-sectarian, charitable organization that depends almost entirely on the help of dedicated volunteers and generous financial support from individuals, churches, local businesses and community organizations.

TASK provides more than 3,000 free meals per week to people in need in the Trenton area. We direct our activities toward helping patrons achieve healthier lifestyles, increased self-esteem, and self-sufficiency. To this end, TASK and agencies using our facility provide a wide array of social, community, and health services.


Project Freedom is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that develops and operates barrier-free housing to enable individuals with disabilities to live independently. Supportive services such as recreation, training and advocacy are provided.

In addition to being a developer of accessible, affordable housing, Project Freedom also provides supportive services, whereby self-directed people with disabilities can live independently in a non-medical environment.


At Pivot Point Security, we believe that every business can make a difference through integrating giving into everyday business activities.

“Pivot Point Security is a forward-looking, exciting company that really gets the power of business to change our lives. Their giving inspiring us — we’re thrilled not just by the way they give but by the way they set a great example for others to follow” – Paul Dunn – B1G1


The Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie Mansion houses a fine collection of art and artifacts related to Trenton’s historical and cultural past and present.

Permanently on display in the second-floor galleries is a highly regarded collection of tableware, sanitary ware and artware produced in the 19th and 20th centuries by Trenton’s prolific ceramics industry. The museum also boasts a fascinating collection of fine arts, decorative arts, industrial memorabilia and historical objects, displayed on a rotating basis in the remaining second-floor galleries.