Security Awareness Training - Partner

Grow your bottom line with an easily added service your clients want and need

It’s often challenging to find simple and effective ways to bring more value to both you and your customers.  Adding Pivot Point Security’s Security Awareness Education to your service portfolio is a “simple to integrate and deploy” recurring service your clients want and need. Ultimately, our partners build stronger relationships with their clients and see greater returns from every client relationship.

You Can Expect…

  • Zero-touch administration and reporting
    • Sell it and forget it
  • Full development via a single email sent by PPS
    • Single program deployment
  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly touch points
    • Continuous value makes the offering ‘sticky’
  • Cloud-based solution
    • No need to deploy infrastructure
  • Flexible pricing model
    • Appealing to customer
  • Subscription model
    • Recurring revenue
  • Integrated phishing assessments
    • Ensures training is effective
  • Highly customizable
    • Ability to utilize your brand & resources
  • License on a per seat or per user basis
    • To improve margins and/or reduce client costs
  • We are not KnowBe4
    • This differentiates you

5 Core Modules

Education Built for Specific Pain Points

  • Social Engineering – Episodes address social engineering, phishing, vishing, ransomware
  • Phishing Assessments – Test baseline security awareness and improvement
  • Security Fundamentals – Episodes address “the basics” like password management
  • Compliance Fundamentals – Episodes address key regulations like HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, 800-171, and DFS500
  • Security Frameworks – Episodes address security frameworks like ISO-27001/2, SOC2, HITRUST, and NIST CSF

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