AI Governance and Advisory Services

CBIZ Pivot Point Security provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) Governance and Advisory Services to help your organization establish clear and defined parameters governing the use of AI. We work closely with your team to evaluate the effectiveness of controls, verify alignment with evolving regulations, and implement management systems and strategies that enable your organization to realize AI benefits while proactively managing risks.

AI Readiness — Governance and Controls

Our AI Readiness (Gap Assessment) offering is the foundation of our AI advisory services. Developed to be informative and actionable, it is tailored for organizations adopting, integrating, or outsourcing the use of AI systems that interact with or inform internal employees, their data, society, or their client base. This offering identifies gaps between your current AI governance and controls and AI governance frameworks (e.g., NIST AI Risk Management Framework), standards (e.g., ISO 42001), and regulations (e.g., EU Artificial Intelligence Act). It also informs your enterprise risk management committees and stakeholders on AI-specific risks to your organization.

AI Management System Implementation

Throughout the AI lifecycle, organizations must validate AI technologies’ sound, fair, and unbiased use. Adopting and implementing ISO 42001 – AI Management System to create an AI Management System and its respective controls instills confidence among stakeholders, customers, and partners regarding an organization’s commitment to AI governance, risk management, and continuous improvement.

We provide your team with expert implementation guidance in establishing and executing a defined roadmap to achieve ISO 42001 certification. This service is ideally paired with existing information security and privacy governance programs but is independently certifiable and effective.

Comprehensive AI Governance

Comprehensive AI governance requires combining information security and privacy controls with corresponding management systems to shape a culture of organizational risk management and infuse broad governance across all stages of the AI system’s lifecycle (i.e., ISO 5338 – AI System Life Cycle Processes). This offering is best suited for mature organizations, organizations adopting or developing “high-risk” AI systems (as defined by the EU Artificial Intelligence Act), or companies needing to demonstrate to clients, customers, and stakeholders that their adoption and development of AI systems are holistically governed and independently audited.

We provide your team with expert implementation guidance in establishing and executing a defined roadmap to achieve certification with ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System, ISO 27701 – Privacy Management System, and ISO 42001 – AI Management System. This comprehensive approach is well suited for concurrent implementation of these standards due to overlapping concepts, controls, policies, and responsible stakeholders and executive sponsors within your organization.

AI Third Party Risk Management

Organizations outsourcing data and services to AI-driven applications and service providers should execute due diligence to ensure this AI technology has been designed and adopted in a reliable, fair, secure, explainable, and data privacy attentive manner. Organizations are responsible for ensuring AI integrations deliver value without compromising security, compliance, or ethical standards. They should identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks their external partners or vendors introduce.

This service helps your organizations establish and revise internal policies, procedures, and outbound due diligence questionnaires to account for the unique risk AI technologies present. This service offering serves a broad audience and can include operationalizing and executing due diligence efforts for your organization.

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Technical Advisory and Application Penetration Testing

Organizations encourage software engineers to adopt AI technologies to improve efficiencies, increase employee utilization and code output, and introduce new AI-driven features to their clients. Many companies have begun leveraging “co-pilot” (AI-assisted) code development tools and Large Language Models (LLMs), while continuously introducing machine learning functionality via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to existing applications. The increased utilization, widespread adoption, and reasonable cost of these AI capabilities may be relatively new, but the fundamentals of application security still apply.

Our tailored services help your organizations adopt industry-recognized good practices around secure development and application security testing methodologies. We identify gaps and recommend controls to enhance the maturity of your secure development practices based on industry-recognized standards (e.g., NIST 800-218 – Secure Software Development Framework, OWASP Software Assurance Maturity Model). This service is ideally paired with executing an OWASP Application Security Verification Standard-based penetration test against your AI-powered application(s) with an additional focus on adversarial machine learning exploitation techniques to ensure your applications are fundamentally secure.

Why choose CBIZ Pivot Point Security?

Proven Process – For over 20 years, our processes have ensured reliability and efficiency in achieving desired outcomes, keeping our clients secure and compliant.

Experienced – We anticipate and mitigate potential risks to ensure smooth project execution, client satisfaction, and successful results.

Expertise – We navigate complex challenges with confidence and proficiency. Our seasoned professionals possess a wealth of cybersecurity, compliance, privacy, and AI knowledge, ensuring a holistic approach to risk management.

Trusted Ecosystem – Our team leverages a network of reliable, trustworthy partners to enhance our capabilities. We use the right tools and people at the right time to maximize value to our clients.

Execution – We listen, we plan, we execute. Our team acts with urgency while maintaining the highest standards and quality expected by our clients.

CBIZ Pivot Point Security partners with mid-market business leaders to plan and execute comprehensive risk management strategies tailored to their unique needs and growth strategies that leverage AI. Our independent, external expertise and perspective allow leadership to feel confident that AI is being managed responsibly across the organization and supply chain.