Download our vCISO Implementation Roadmap for step-by-step guidance to ensure success with your vCISO

Considering hiring a vCISO?

There are many benefits to bringing in outside information security talent into your organization, but it must be done right to realize success. Our vCISO Implementation Roadmap is a guide to make sure you:

  • Know a vCISO will fill your needs & help you meet your objectives
  • Know your vCISO is on-boarded effectively
  • Know your measuring your vCISO’s performance accurately
  • Know you are seeing success with your vCISO

Steps for successful vCISO Implementation include:

  1. Determine – Would a vCISO be Beneficial for You?
  2. Identify Your Needs & Objectives You Want the vCISO to Address
  3. Determine What You Want in Your vCISO Relationship
  4. How You Successfully “On-board” Your New vCISO
  5. How You Operationalize the vCISO Role
  6. How You Measure Your vCISO’s Success
  7. Recognize Your Benefits of Success
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