OSCAR GRC Platform

Pivot Point Security’s OSCAR Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) platform gives your team a “single source of truth” for provable security and compliance. OSCAR helps automate the operation of your cybersecurity program and simplifies both internal and external audits.


Pivot Point security developed OSCAR to address the 3 biggest challenges we see with our clients:

  1. It is easier to “implement” or “stand up” a security program to achieve first-time compliance (e.g., with ISO 27001 or CMMC) than it is to “operationalize” your program to stay compliant over time.
  2. Teams need a unified system of record to ensure that the trusted security information your management, IT staff, clients, auditors, and other stakeholders need is complete, accurate, and available on demand.
  3. Any team charged with executing and evolving a security program at a rapidly growing company with ever-changing compliance requirements against two or more security/regulatory frameworks needs all the help they can get!

Get to know OSCAR in 10 seconds…

OSCAR lets you see at a glance which projects are on track and what needs attention.


It’s easy to tailor OSCAR’s Task Libraries to your organization’s needs and assign tasks to the right people.


With OSCAR, everyone knows what needs to be done, and when, to ensure you remain provably secure and compliant.

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For internal and external audits, OSCAR saves time and stress by giving the auditor access to only the artifacts they need.


OSCAR can also import your Nessus or Qualys vulnerability scans to integrate “silos” of security data and track remediation with in-depth guidance.


OSCAR can even help you manage vendor risk to further consolidate and integrate your security-related information.


Pivot Point Security uses OSCAR to simplify the delivery of consulting services. Many clients opt to extend their use of OSCAR after our initial engagement to make managing their cybersecurity program easier.

OSCAR meets critical compliance requirements for third-party software

  • OSCAR is hosted in AWS GovCloud (FedRAMP High Authorized).
  • OSCAR is covered by Pivot Point Security’s ISO 27001 Certification.
  • OSCAR is rebuilt from the ground up each Saturday evening by our Secure DevOps process, which automatically scans all code (source and infrastructure) to ensure that it is vulnerability-free prior to deployment.
  • OSCAR is monitored to ensure that it remains 100% compliant with AWS, CIS, and PCI requirements.