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Ethical Hacking and Network Penetration Testing

Ethical Hacking and Network Penetration Testing

What is ethical hacking?

Ethical hacking is the use of deep technical knowledge (e.g., networking, system administration, programming) to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in network systems. The term is used to differentiate “White Hat” testing from malicious “Black Hat” activities, where the non-ethical hacker exploits these vulnerabilities for mischief, social/political reasons, or personal gain. Many companies utilize ethical hacking, or network penetration testing services performed by consultants to validate/demonstrate that their networks and information are as secure as possible.

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Why hire an ethical hacker?

Organizations generally hire ethical hackers for three reasons:

  • They are reasonably confident in their network’s security posture and they want to validate they are as secure as they believe.
  • They are concerned that their network is not as secure as it should be and believe that an ethical hack will tell them where
    they should prioritize their security efforts.
  • They use ethical hacking as a mechanism to demonstrate to key stakeholders that their network is secure.

What does an ethical hacker do?

An ethical hacker identifies potential vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks, and dependent upon the scope of the engagement, may exploit those vulnerabilities to ascertain the level of unintended access a malicious attacker may be able to gain.

What tools does an ethical hacker use?

Ethical hackers rely on dozens of different tools dependent upon the types of systems they are assessing and the different applications/services that they encounter. The most common tool used is a network vulnerability scanner.

Why Pivot Point Security for Ethical Hacking Services?

Pivot Point Security has successfully and ethically hacked into thousands of clients systems and networks over the past twelve years. What differentiates our network testing is a focus on delivering clear and actionable reports, fully leveraging CVSS V2 data, to ensure that both business and technical management understand the testing and are able to prioritize remediation activities.

Contact us for more information on ethical hacking services for your network.  Also check our Careers page for opportunities to become an ethical hacker.