January 26, 2023

Last Updated on January 14, 2024

On a recent episode of The Virtual CISO Podcast, Temi Adebambo, Head of Security Solutions Architecture at Amazon Web Services (AWS), shared a few tidbits about AWS strategic direction for security.

Making security easier for customers


“We constantly live in the future, so the things that are new and exciting to me, you would have to attend AWS re:Invent to find out,” laughs Temi. “But yes, there are new and exciting things that are coming up, all of them to make security a lot easier for our customers.”


One area of focus is container security.


“We are able to do more for containers now,” says Temi. “We have a lot of GuardDuty for containers, a lot of support for people operating in containers.”

If you haven’t looked at AWS container security in a while, Temi urges you to take a quick look.

Doing more with popular tools

In alignment with growing interest in data privacy across orgs of all sizes and sectors, AWS is also enhancing its Amazon Macie data discovery and data privacy service, which uses machine learning to help discover and protect sensitive data.

“The new Macie is really able to do a lot of analysis,” Temi points out.  “You can give it tags and it can go in and automatically scan your S3 buckets [for] things like credit cards, social security numbers, some of those basic things.”

Another handy new Macie feature is the ability to tag and alert on which S3 buckets can and cannot hold sensitive data types like personally identifiable information (PII).


Also recently refreshed is the Amazon Inspector automated vulnerability management service, which constantly scans AWS workloads for vulnerabilities, including unintended network exposures.

“There’s a lot going on and a lot more in the future as well,” assures Temi.

What’s next?

To hear this business-level conversation with the head of AWS security architecture, click here.


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