November 6, 2019

Last Updated on January 15, 2024

This is a little unusual for this blog but on a day I’m feeling exceptionally chipper, I thought I’d put some positive vibes into the world.
I’ve been in the IT/information security profession for over 20 years and I’ve never enjoyed it more than now. In fact, I’m having a ball with it. (Did that comment just give away how old I am?)
Many of the clients we deal with, including the majority that I’m working with personally, are very young and trying to go from nothing to something.
It’s very exciting to partner with them over several months, learn about their business, help them manage the risks associated with it, and support them to convince the customers and prospects that they’re trying to sell to that they’re safe to do business with. I’m more than an InfoSec consultant, I’m a business enabler.

“When you look at your work through the security lens and you see client success, it’s fun.”

I also work with several companies that are well established and have very mature security processes in the context of robust technology, business practices and organizational structure (not to mention great people). This is invigorating in a different way.
It’s a challenge even to evaluate a firm with such strong security. They do a massive amount of work throughout the course of each year to establish and maintain compliance. As a result, they score extremely well when we evaluate them for an ISO 27001 internal audit or surveillance audit, a SOC 2 attestation, etc.
It’s an honor to be the person evaluating their program who gets to check everything out and say, “Yeah, you guys are good.” We are all looking for some validation in this world and it’s a pleasure to give that.
When you look at your work through the security lens and you see client success, it’s fun. Knowing we make a significant positive contribution to that success is a good feeling to take into your day.
If you’re looking for support to help you demonstrate that you’re secure and compliant, contact Pivot Point Security. We work with organizations of all sizes to create an information security program specifically crafted for your business needs… and usually do it with a smile 😊

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