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HITRUST for Hospitals

Make an Informed Descision on HITRUST Compliance

As HITRUST compliance pushes the medical industry towards greater security requirements, Hospitals are faced with unique challenges that make HITRUST compliance seem out of reach. At Pivot Point Security, we help hospitals understand where they currently stand against HITRUST’s controls and the effort needed to close the gap. Hospitals who work with us have the information they need to make informed decisions on HITRUST compliance and a partner who can help them achieve their goals and objectives (compliance or no compliance).

HITRUST Gap Assessment

To understand where a hospital stands and how far HITRUST compliance is from their status quo, we conduct a HITRUST Gap Assessment. This will determine how close current security, management & operational controls align to the HITRUST 75 baseline controls utilizing the 5 maturity models:

  1. Policy
  2. Process
  3. Implementation
  4. Measured
  5. Managed

The results of this assessment will tell any Hospital the time, effort and resources needed to achieve HITRUST compliance.

Hospitals Bring Unique Challenges

There are good reasons most Hospitals have stayed away from moving towards HITRUST compliance:

  1. It’s expensive – Subscription to the MyCSF from HITRUST alone adds $10K in expenses per year. That doesn’t include addressing any of the staff, security, and/or cultural changes that need to be implemented when moving to compliance.
  2. There’s no rush – Although HITRUST has been around for a long time, the medical industry has been slow to adopt the standard universally.
  3. Hospitals have a complex scope – Due to the nature of what a hospital is (a large building of employees and patients collecting, storing, and transferring sensitive data), hospitals generally need more effort given towards HITRUST compliance than Pharma or Healthcare organizations.

Advice…Take Things Ones Step At A Time

HITRUST compliance is on its way, there is little doubt about that. Consistent and increasingly devastating security events in all industries are pushing security and compliance on every organization.

The first step is to understand your current situation. As they say, “knowledge is power”.
Understanding your status quo through a HITRUST Gap Assessment gives you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

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