Fractional CISO Services and Virtual Security Team Services

Get the Security Expertise You Need in a Cost-Effective “as-a-Service” Model

Pivot Point Security’s Fractional CISO Services and Virtual Security Team Services Will Make Your Security Goals a Reality

If your company is like most SMBs, you need information security expertise and guidance—but you can’t justify the high cost of a conventional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). With a Fractional CISO (also called a virtual CISO or vCISO) from Pivot Point Security, supported by our Virtual Security Team, you have security expertise on call for far less than what it would cost to hire a full-time CISO.

About Fractional CISO Services

Our Fractional CISO Services include a vCISO who can handle any or all of the job roles you’d associate with a conventional CISO—but in a highly cost-effective “as-a-service” model. The core role of a Fractional CISO is to build and manage your company’s security vision, strategy, and program—so that you can prove to customers, regulators and other stakeholders that you’re secure and in compliance.

Designed to be highly flexible to meet your specific business needs, Fractional CISO Services from Pivot Point Security let you tailor the engagement in terms of:

  • High level to down in the weeds – vCISO Services ensure you get the strategic guidance you need to meet your security goals, along with deep subject matter expertise wherever and whenever you need it. Because your vCISO is supported by an experienced team, he or she can serve as an extension of your team to direct your information security program both strategically and tactically.
  • Specific focus to broad spectrum – Your vCISO and Virtual Security Team can handle the full spectrum of your company’s InfoSec needs; or center on one or several high-priority issues, projects or programs to deliver the greatest benefit in terms of risk reduction, regulatory compliance, ISO 27001 or other certification, etc.
  • Once per month to every day – A vCISO can support your organization on a frequent, near daily basis, or can integrate with current staff as appropriate to meet longer-term goals.

Benefits of a Virtual Security Team

A Virtual Security Team offers a depth and breadth of experience and technical knowledge beyond what a single person could provide. With our Virtual Security Team program, we can call on experts to back up or augment your Fractional CISO at any time. Our experts cover the full spectrum of information security specialties, including:

Application Security – Assessments & Audits – Business Continuity Management –
Governance, Risk & Compliance  – Incident Response – Network Security –
Penetration Testing & Phishing – Security Awareness Education – Third Party Risk Management

Weathering a Storm of Demands

Today’s CIOs and CTOs must contend with a veritable cyclone of security requests and demands from stakeholders both inside and outside the company.

 Staying on top of everything security-related, from third-party questionnaires to compliance mandates to privacy initiatives to cyber attacks—all while continuing to implement and improve information security controls—can seem overwhelming.

With pressure from so many directions, how can you be confident that your information security program is on course?

How Fractional CISO Services and Virtual Security Team Services Can Help

Keep Your Head Above Water

Acting as the primary contact for information security inquiries from customers, management, regulators, employees and other stakeholders is a core job function for many CIOs and CTOs. In this case, you may want to continue to manage those interactions—but that doesn’t mean you can’t have help.

By leveraging a Fractional CISO, Virtual Security Team and Program Manager, you can have on-demand access to whatever level(s) of expertise you need to address the demands placed on your evolving security program.

This approach helps you ride out the storm, while ensuring that your business continues to make progress toward its InfoSec goals.

Share the Burden of Running the Ship

Many CIOs and CTOs need to remain engaged with security-related issues and demands from major stakeholders, but don’t want the burden of managing all the everyday back-and-forth.

With “as-a-Service” access to the power of a Fractional CISO, a Program Manager and a crew of security experts, your organization can move with confidence towards its information security goals.

With this approach, a Fractional CISO takes on specific responsibilities to lighten the burden on the CIO and/or CTO. This enables you to be proactive and make faster progress; it also gets you out of the reactionary cycle.

Steer You to Calmer Waters

Every CIO and CTO role is different, and some of these executives do not wish to be directly responsible for dealing with information security issues stemming from customers, vendors, employees, regulators, etc. Want to fire yourself from your CISO role?

If this sounds like your situation, why not let a Fractional CISO, Program Manager and Virtual Security Team steer your security organization? This model affords you all the support you need to motor confidently toward your chosen security destination!

Paradise Found

Whatever level of support you choose, a Fractional CISO and team from Pivot Point Security will enable your organization to smoothly and successfully meet its shorter-term information security goals, while positioning it for longer-term security success as well.

Download our vCISO Implementation Roadmap for step-by-step guidance to ensure success with your vCISO

Working with Your Fractional CISO

  • Scope – Our team performs a scoping exercise to enumerate your critical data, processes that act on that data, assets that interact with those processes (people/vendors/systems), and applicable regulations, laws and contractual responsibilities. Pivot Point Security will also document other internal/external concerns related to risk and risk mitigation. The outcome is a strong understanding of your existing business and technology activities in relation to information security risk.
  • Risk – Our team will efficiently perform a risk assessment to gauge inherent risk impacting your business.
  • Gap – Our team will efficiently perform a gap assessment to gauge the maturity of key information security controls and to quantify residual risk.
  • Vision – Our team will formulate a high-level plan for information security and a roadmap to actualize the plan.
  • Priorities – Based on the above, our team will suggest objectives/priorities for an initial 90-day period
  • Treatment – Our team will create gap and risk treatment plans that will form the foundation of your security roadmap.
  • Manage – Our team will meet with you and your staff on a regular cadence (every two weeks or monthly, for example) to monitor how the plan is progressing, resolve issues impacting the plan, talk over new ideas, and revise the plan as needed.
  • Improve – Our team will meet with you and your staff once per quarter (about every 90 days) to assess progress and create a plan for the next 90-day period.

Fractional CISO FAQs:

What is a fractional CISO?

A fractional CISO is an outsourced information security practitioner who provides expertise and guidance, as well as strategic and operational leadership, to an organization on an ongoing basis, usually part-time and remotely. The fractional CISO performs many or all the functions of a full-time CISO on a fractional basis.

How can a fractional CISO help my business?

A fractional Chief Information Security Officer (fractional CISO) can help an organization:

  1. Save considerable money over the salary and other costs of a full-time CISO
  2. Get the expertise and consistent guidance of a CISO even if they don’t need one full-time
  3. Create and execute a holistic information security strategy
  4. Identify, analyze and address information security risks
  5. Manage an in-house information security team
  6. Deal with regulations (e.g., the NYDFS cybersecurity regulation) that mandate the designation of a qualified CISO
  7. Address critical project-based or point-in-time security concerns, such as those arising from a data breach, a merger/acquisition, new regulatory, or client demands, etc.

When to hire a fractional CISO?

Here are the top reasons to consider hiring a fractional Chief Information Security Officer (fractional CISO):

  1. If you’re unable to afford or attract the security talent you need for a project or longer-term
  2. If you need specialized security expertise, leadership, or strategic vision
  3. If regulations mandate that you designate a fractional CISO
  4. When you recognize you need to systematically improve your information security posture