FedRAMP Consulting

Why FedRAMP?

The main reason to consider FedRAMP certification is the significant business opportunity that it represents. The OMB policy driving FedRAMP is a “Cloud First” policy, which requires agencies to use cloud alternatives when available. OMB is tracking compliance with the agencies as part of a multi-year multi-billion dollar cost-cutting effort.

If you provide Cloud Services and you want to sell these cloud services to the U.S. federal government, you will need to become FedRAMP Authorized to Operate.

What are the Benefits of FedRAMP?

From the governments perspective; the major benefit of FedRAMP is that it allows for federal agencies to save significant time, costs and resources in their evaluation of the security of cloud provider­s.

From a Cloud Service Provider’s perspective, the major benefits of FedRAMP is that it makes you a “preapproved” vendor, so it simplifies the procurement process. You also only need to report on your security to one entity rather than every client, saving you time and money.

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