Deep Web Reconnaissance

Deep Web Reconnaissance Information

Deep Web Reconnaissance (DWR) is intended to help your company understand its current risk profile as it relates to the management of technical information on the internet.

Testing encompasses a range of potential vulnerabilities, including technical, business information, employee information, and reputation risks.

  • Domain registration weaknesses
  • Shared infrastructure weaknesses
  • Sensitive data indexed in search engines
  • Sensitive data disclosure in forums
  • Corporate information leaks
  • Corporate e-mail addresses
  • Employee Personal identifiable information
  • Security breaches
  • Unsatisfied customers
  • Activism by a company representative

Deep Web Reconnaissance Options

Deep Web Reconnaissance (DWR) testing is included as part of an Intentioned External Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test.

Why Partner with Pivot Point Security?

Continually evolving technology, business requirements, regulations, and threats make “being secure” and “proving you’re compliant” increasingly complex. The only logical response: Simplify. We make it easier to prove that you are secure and compliant by:

  • Focusing on the core group of security assessment services you need to do so;
  • Taking the time to understand your business and then optimizing our approach for your unique situation;
  • Delivering reports and guidance that are easily understood and acted on by both management and technical personnel; and,
  • Basing your assessment and recommendations on trusted, “open” (non-proprietary, non-vendor specific) guidance to simplify the process of operating and maintaining your Information Security Management System after we leave.

Pivot Point Security has the right combination of Information Security / Compliance domain expertise, technology industry knowledge & experience, and organizational character to simplify the process of defining and executing on the best course of action so you can know you’re secure and prove you’re compliant.

Pivot Point Security is a great choice for your Information Security demand.