Reduce the Likelihood of Cyber Liability Insurance Claims & Attract/Retain More Members

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Cyber Liability Loss Control

Most Government Risk Pools want to offer the best service possible to attract and retain membership. Pivot Point Security develops and executes Cyber Liability Loss Control programs for GRPs to reduce the likelihood of cyber incidents among members. Implementing the program can lower your annual cyber liability insurance premiums while providing a highly valuable security service to improve membership.

Where Do I Begin?

Whether you are looking to increase the overall security of your members or specifically address limiting cyber liability insurance premiums and claims, the end goal is the same; provide a better service to your members. If you are like any of our clients, how well you accomplish this task is extremely important to both your personal success & your risk pool’s success.

The Starting Line…

Continuing to stay competitive with other risk pools is a never-ending project. It takes valuable time and resources to make sure your offering retains and attracts members.

By partnering with us, you will be able to stay ahead of the curve. Our GRP’s are able to bring needed security services to their members while supporting their own competitive advantage.

Based on cyber security best practices and our experience working with government entities, we have developed the

Pivot Point Security Proven Process for Cyber Loss Control:

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Why Choose Us for Cyber Liability Loss Control?

Our Expertise
We have conducted over 200 risk/gap/security assessments for government entities in the last year alone! Our understanding of the cyber security needs in municipal government is unmatched.

Our Complete Offering
We are a pure-play information assurance provider with a complete portfolio of information security services. You are covered from risk identification through risk mitigation including cyber security education and advisory vCISO services, all with a single partner.

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The Results?
Peace-of-mind. You can rest easy knowing your risk pool can continue to grow and operate while providing a much-needed service to your members.

Operating your GRP like everyone else is a recipe for losing members. Without continuing to grow your competitive advantage it’s only a matter of time before members find a better option.

With that in mind…

If you would like to learn more about what a Cyber Loss Control program would look like in your GRP, reach out!