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Data Forensics: What is It (Really) and When Do I Need It?

If you don’t know what data forensics is, you’re lucky… so far. Chances are good that almost every business will need data forensics services at some point, in connection with a data breach, lawsuit or fraud investigation.  To uncover in nontechnical terms what data…

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Why You Need a Data Forensics Expert on Speed-Dial

When you just got hit with a lawsuit or a data breach, the last thing you want to be doing is interviewing data forensics providers. Yet that’s exactly where most SMBs end up. “Ideally nowadays you want to know me in advance,” quips Brian Dykstra CISSP, CCFP and CEO…

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Business Continuity Is Fundamentally About Resilience

Getting a flat tire is a disaster. Knowing where you keep the spare is disaster recovery. Changing a tire in under 7 minutes to get right back on the road is business continuity. On a recent episode of Virtual CISO, I got a chance to talk with Cosmo Gazzani, Director…

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