ISO 22301 Checklist

Need a tool to prepare and develop an ISO 22301 compliant Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)?

thumbnail iso22301 checklist

As our checklist illustrates, developing a BCMS includes performing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and a Recovery Strategy Analysis (RSA), writing the BCP, training your people and then exercising the plan. Achieving certification offers a number of valuable benefits:

  • Your plan gives you a competitive advantage. Prospects and current clients naturally have greater confidence in partners who demonstrate robust BCM in accordance with an international standard. This helps open new opportunities and win new business.
  • You’re ready if a disruptive event occurs… ISO 22301 certification creates effective operational business continuity plans… period.
  • Your plan will work… This may seem obvious but there are plenty of horror stories of BCP’s failing when they are needed most. Aligning with ISO 22301 ensures your BCP aligns with strategic organizational objectives.
  • Your plan will adapt as your organization changes… ISO 22301 provides for continual improvement of your BCP as your organization continues to innovate and advance.
  • You’re a quality partner to your clients… ISO 22301 certification reduces the time needed to respond to requests for proof of a viable recovery capability… AKA you are easier to work with.

Whether you ultimately pursue ISO 22301 certification or not, using the standard as a framework to develop your BCMS will ensure you are ready for any disruptive events that come your way.

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