Whitepaper: Operational Testing of your Disaster Recovery Plan

How do you test your business continuity plan?

When was the last time you refreshed your infrastructure? Updated your DBMS? Had personnel changes?

Does your Business Continuity Plan reflect those changes? Will it still work when you need it to?

We encourage you to download our free white paper, Operational Testing of Your Recovery Plan, to see why tabletop testing generally doesn’t provide you or your clients with the assurance that you have a viable recovery capability.

Testing or exercising is the key to current, survivable, meaningful and relevant plans that you can rely on as the framework for recovering your organization’s critical functions and enabling IT systems.

In today’s dynamic, global market, our recovery plans must meet clients’ demands for availability with more and more 9s to the right of the decimal point. In order to meet that demand, recovery plans must be reliable. The only way to ensure reliability is a robust test and exercise effort.

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