Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a holistic process designed to ensure critical business operations continue in the event of a disruptive event. The goal of any BCM is to provide the organization the ability to respond effectively to the impacts of a range of threats that could cause a cessation or degradation below acceptable levels of business services and products.


Successfully building a BCM system is more than understanding your organization, it’s understanding the functions that are performed, their criticality to the overall operation and the interdependencies between each function. It’s about being able to look at your organization from a different perspective, we call this the Impact Centered Approach (ICA), but more on that later. Finding the time and resources to accurately map out operational functions and organizational structure is extremely difficult.  Because of that, the biggest challenge we see our clients face is understanding the potential impacts of losing certain operational functions.

Ready… Set… Go!

Whether you are looking for an ISO 22301 certified Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) or just need to make sure your organization’s essential functions and services are available when you and your clients need them, you are in the right place.  The best Business Continuity Plan (BCP) starts with the right consultant who can understand your functional requirements, map out your organizational structure and understand the risks to your organization.

Where to Turn?

We help our clients develop & implement the right Business Continuity Plan for their organization.  Our plans empower your organization to efficiently and cost effectively handle the impacts of disruptive forces.  Our team of consultants has over 20 years of BCM experience and our client’s success is directly related to our proven process:

proven process business continuity management

Our Guarantee

Assured Success – Our goals are our clients’ goals. If we don’t accomplish our clients’ goals, we didn’t earn our fee… so you won’t be billed.

Our Core Values

  • Tell The Truth – Honesty is almost always the best policy
  • Do the Right Thing – Work hard, keep commitments, be responsible and worthy of freedom, understand shared accountability
  • Smile – Life is too short not to … likability is nearly as important as competence
  • Seek “Win-Win” – Think cooperative, not competitive – seek mutual benefit in all interactions
  • Provide Clear and Actionable Guidance – Every situation is unique: listen, understand, express a clear opinion, and impart knowledge
  • Simplify – Does that need any explanation
  • Be Customer Focused
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Why PivotPoint?

Organizations need to prove they are secure and compliant to key stakeholders like their customers, regulators or their board. Simply put, we help provide that proof. Knowing they are secure and compliant, and being able to prove so, allows our clients to focus on more important things… like growing their business.

Clients who work with us have confidence they are investing in the right security solutions to keep their data safe. Your information is yours! People ought to be able to keep their information secure.

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