Security Event Managed & Log Monitoring Simplified

Proactively monitor your logs with anomaly detection

OSCAR automatically detects anomalous patterns in security logs, providing critical and actionable information to prevent or limit security incidents.


Log Monitoring Monitors firewalls, IDS, VPNs, Sys Logs, AD, & more
Log Monitoring Is vigilant 24×7 – so you don’t have to be (algorithms don’t take lunch breaks)
Log Monitoring Is self-tuning/learning – reducing your operational costs (gets smarter the longer I work)
Log Monitoring Offers superior performance and lower cost than a conventional SOC (cpu cycles cost less than human cycles)
Log Monitoring Sends email alerts on anomalous log pattern detection
Log Monitoring Sends email alerts upon activity with known malware sources
Log Monitoring Stores raw logs to facilitate log retention compliance
Log Monitoring Generates a suite of security and compliance reports to keep the auditors happy
Log Monitoring Provides a dashboard to simplify incident investigation

“The anomaly detection feature saved us hours of incident response time!” – CISO, Leading Healthcare Provider