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Online Security Awareness Education

Cybersecurity Awareness Training introduction

To meet the growing demands of the marketplace, we have created a simple, engaging, and easy to use Security Awareness Education program.  We teach how to keep your computers and networks safe from the worst threat possible: uninformed, non-malicious humans.

The best firewalls in the world cannot protect your assets if your “human firewall” is weak. In fact, it is estimated up to 75%* of company breaches are attributed to human failures in upholding the security policies, standards, and procedures of their employer*.   For organizations that require compliance with specific government regulations, such as PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, or other security frameworks like ISO 27001, formal security awareness training for every employee either once or twice a year is required.  Your entire organization, not just your data, is at risk of being compromised.

Why Security Awareness Training Programs Often Fail:

  • It’s boring!
  • It’s confusing!
  • It’s irrelevant!
  • It’s difficult to navigate!
  • It’s hard to track employee progress!
  • It’s too time-consuming!

This is why our goal is to make our Security Awareness Education simple, affordable and effective.

Why use Pivot Point Security for Security Awareness Education?

Developed by seasoned information security professionals, our online course curriculum is applicable & current. John Verry adds his extensive information security knowledge and thorough expertise to all topics, along with an appropriate dosage of humor to make this experience a story. Storytelling has proven to be the most effective way to learn; stories provide a framework for the student to successfully structure facts and recall information when it applies to real life situations.

Security Awareness Course Topics include:

What is Social Engineering? – a review of key terms and concepts (and how they are relevant to your everyday situation)

Phishing – learn to identify phishing emails and the precautions to take against infection

Malware – how it works, why it’s “mal”icious and how to protect yourself from it

Vishing – it’s not always computers that get us into trouble

Physical Awareness – knowing your environment and how to protect it from “nice” people


Our Approach to Security Awareness Training

We differentiate ourselves from traditional educational cyber acuity programs in four distinct ways:

Content is King
Our content is concise, designed to maximize attention and aimed to squeeze training into already stacked schedules. We hold our audience’s attention with a blend of pop-culture references, cut-ins, smiles, and screencasts. The relatively simple 10 question quizzes reinforce keys takeaways in each lesson. We also provide resources to complement each lesson, ensuring each user has what they need to make their security awareness education actionable. Other options for delivering content include calendared “live” classes, (specific subjects can be highlighted), and extensive Q&A to ensure the team is always on the forefront of any risks presented to them. Content can be tailored to employees’ roles and industries; this makes the information more engaging and effective. Content can be tailored in two ways:

  • Learner Role: End users, Management, IT/IS, Application Development
  • Industry: Legal, Government, Healthcare
Through stories, we are able to reach people where they are. Making the information relatable, employees build trust in the program and their own ability to follow through on their training. Belief is critical for the success of the security awarenss program. Our passion for protecting our clients is truly authentic. We aren’t actors reading lines, we are industry professionals.      
We deliver the security awareness education program with the Absorb learning management system. Not only is it incredibly easy to use for both users and administrators, it is ridiculously scalable and reliable, and it works on every platform, including iOS and Android. There is flexibility to grow, and it even has an open API.      
Customization & Extensibility
Is third party training dissuading users from taking the material seriously? Have no fear! We can customize several aspects of the training, including the portal and URL that would be used to access the information. Quiz content can be adapted, as can splash screens, end-credits and on-screen “B-roll content” to fit in with your organization’s branding. We offer support for 23 languages. You have the ability to publish internal resources (intranet links, policies, contacts, etc.) to help contextualize the education. We make use of the Restful API, which allows for integrated phishing and vishing testing. We can also work in additional screen-casts or videos. Do you need custom video courses developed and recorded? Not a problem!

See how Pivot Point Security makes Security Awareness Education simple, affordable – and effective!

Bring Security Awareness Education to Your Clients

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Thumbnail image: Phishing Infographic guide

Phishing emails can appear in several different ways. Our 10 Tips for Detecting Phishing Emails infographic provides you with a cheat sheet of what to look for in unfamiliar emails. It’s derived from our Online Security Awareness Education offering.