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GDPR & Privacy Shield - What They Mean for Your Business

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ISO 27001 Roadmap ThumbnailISO 27001 is manageable and not out of reach for anyone!
It’s a process made up of things you already know – and things you may already be doing.

Download our ISO 27001 Roadmap now!

Mobile App Pen Testing ThumbnailApplications on Mobile Devices carry specific unique security concerns.
This whitepaper explores such vulnerabilities and explains in detail how to avoid them.

Download this Whitepaper Now!

ISO 22301 Roadmap ThumbnailBusiness Continuity Management ensures that your organizations critical business functions will continue to operate in spite of incident or disaster.

Download our ISO 22301 Implementation Roadmap now!

The ISO 22301 roadmap will help you understand what a Business Continuity Information Security Management System is and guide you, step by step, from preparation through certification.

Disaster Recovery Plan ThumbnailHow well do you know your disaster recovery plan?
Chances are, you won't know how effective your plan is until you test it.

Download our Operational Testing of your Business Continuity Plan Whitepaper now!

Phishing InfoGraphic ThumbnailDon't Get Hooked!

Phishing emails can appear in several different ways. Our 10 Tips for Detecting Phishing Emails infographic provides you with a cheatsheet of what to look for in unfamiliar emails. It's derived from our Cyber Security Awareness Education offering.

Download our Detecting Phishing Infographic now!

How’s Your Spectre and Meltdown Patching Going?

Unless you’ve been meditating in a cave for the past month (and maybe even then) you’ve most likely heard some of the hype and wrangling around the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities announced just after the New Year. These flaws have significant security...