Most recognize the value preservation in cybersecurity.  But forward thinking professionals also see the value creation in having a secure information posture.

Cybersecurity is the foundation of preserving sensitive data and providing peace of mind but does it create value for the organization and if so, how do we measure that value?

Tracking the return on investment on cyber security can be challenging. Much like auto insurance, you gain the most obvious value when something goes wrong—however, that doesn’t mean insurance isn’t valuable during smooth sailing.

I invited James Fair, Senior VP at Executech, to discuss the value of compliance, measuring ROSI, the Return on Security Investment, and budgetary considerations in cybersecurity.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The value of cybersecurity vs the costs of a breach
  • Convoluted cybersecurity budgets and industry averages
  • How compliance supports value preservation and value creation

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