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OWASP ASVS Testing Guide

The OWASP Top 10 standard for application security has been the “go-to” set of standards for assessing an application’s security posture. OWASP has released (and updated several times) the OWASP Application Verification Security Standard (ASVS) to address the piece that was missing from the Top 10…
Although the Top 10 is a good framework for application testing, the ASVS replaces generic checklists with a tailored set of controls based on risk. The best part of this approach… you can accurately prioritize your valuable time and resources by basing the degree of each control on the risk that component of the app represents.

Simply put, you can spend your resources wisely.

If you are researching the OWASP ASVS or need a quick reference guide while trying to convince your boss ASVS is the way you should assess your app, download our OWASP ASVS Testing Guide by filling out the form on this page.

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