Stop Wasting Money on Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking) is a substantive test of the net security posture resulting from the security controls applied.


Penetration Testing Whitepaper

Penetration Testing is most frequently performed to:

  • Substantiate the net effectiveness of a mature control environment
  • Prove to a third-party that an environment is secure and trustworthy
  • Quickly assess the security of a less mature control environment (in a sense a technical risk assessment)
  • To validate that significant changes did not have unanticipated results


More About Penetration Tests

A Penetration Test is performed by a Certified Ethical Hacker.  They are typically applied to one (or more) domains to assess the net security posture (trustworthiness). For example:

  • Network Penetration Testing (Internet / Extranet / Intranet)
  • Application Penetration Testing
  • Database Penetration Testing
  • People (Social Engineering)
  • Physical Security Testing
  • Wireless (WLAN) Penetration Testing (“War Driving”)
  • Voice Penetration Testing (War Dialing / VoIP Hacking)