May 11, 2017

Last Updated on January 13, 2024

The popularity of ISO 27001 certification continues to rise, with ISO reporting a 20% increase globally for 2016—and the year-over-year growth rate in the US is a mind-blowing 78%. One of the major ISO benefits driving this ongoing trend is the increasing importance that potential customers place on a vendor’s information security posture.
For companies looking to grow their business volume, gain an edge in their marketplace, or even remain competitive with certified rivals, ISO benefits include multiple sales and marketing benefits in addition to its security, compliance and organizational maturity advantages.

How Other Brands Are Maximizing ISO’s Marketing Benefits

When potential customers are researching suppliers, ISO 27001 certification highlights a firm’s credibility and commitment to customer service. If global leaders like Google, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Verizon are any indication, ISO 27001 certification is increasingly associated with building brand reputation and customer loyalty.
By comparison, a lack of ISO 27001 certification can be seen as a risk, especially in regulated industries. With so many high-profile data breaches in the news, ISO 27001 compliance can make the difference between winning and losing new business—or even keeping your existing clients.
ISO 27001 certification is recognized worldwide, so it can help open doors to attract international clients. By the same token, partners in the international supply chain are increasingly demanding ISO 27001 certification, especially as more countries and regions (e.g., Japan, India, the EU) are legislating stricter information security.
With all these ISO benefits in the offering, it’s important to let the world know about your ISO 27001 certification!
One company that’s doing a great job in that regard is Twilio, a cloud communications Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider based in San Francisco Touted as “one of the most innovative companies of 2017” by Fast Company, Twilio shows off its ISO 27001 certification prominently on its home page. Click the associated “Learn More” button and you’re directed to a page about Twilio’s strong security focus.  Here it states explicitly that “Twilio’s ISO 27001 certification fosters trust and demonstrates an ongoing commitment to safeguarding data.”
Twilio also immediately followed up its ISO 27001 certification with a blog post and press release announcing the achievement. Both state explicitly what the certification is, why it’s important for customers, and why improving security is an important, overarching goal for the company.

More Ideas for Promoting Your Certification

The Quality Digest blog has a wonderfully comprehensive list of ideas on how to promote ISO 27001 certification. Some of their outside-the-box suggestions include:

  • Featuring the news in an e-letter or newsletter article from your CEO/CIO/CISO
  • Displaying your certificate in your headquarters lobby
  • Including a PDF of your certificate on your website for customers and prospects to download
  • Tweeting the news with a link to supporting web page content
  • Would a banner across the front of your building be over the top?

These articles also have some great tips for promoting your certification:

To find out more about how ISO 27001 certification can help your organization specifically, as well as what it might cost and the steps to get you there, contact Pivot Point Security.