IoT Security Assessments

Prove Your IoT Devices Are Secure

Whether you need to test the security of a third party’s Internet of Things device or one of your own, understanding the security risk associated with IoT devices is essential to avoid costly outcomes like breaches and losing customers. With a security assessment built specifically for connected devices, you can understand the security gaps in your IoT environments and have a clear direction to fill those gaps.

What you can expect from an IoT Security Assessment from Pivot Point Security

We tailor our testing to your specific objectives, but here are a few things you can expect:

✔ Vulnerability Data – This is the raw “automated” data our tools pull to understand the vulnerabilities
in your IoT environment.
✔ Risk Assessment – This is where our experts step in and analyze the vulnerability data and your companyobjectives to simplify and score where you are open to the most risk.
✔ Guidance – You will receive a prioritized list of “next steps” based on your objectives and what is most
critical to you.

Simply put, if you answer “Yes” to either of the following questions, this assessment most likely fits your needs:

✔ Do you need to demonstrate the security of an IoT device to a key stakeholder (client, regulator, boss/board)?
✔ Do you need to understand the security risk associated with an IoT device before making an investment
or purchase?