August 9, 2018

Last Updated on January 18, 2024

Pivot Point Security has been offering ISO-27001 consulting services for over 10 years now – and to this point, we have offered them in a project-based approach that logically aligned with the project-oriented nature of achieving ISO-27001 certification.  It also aligned with clients’ expectations and the fact that the relatively significant costs of achieving certification were often viewed as a capital expense.
Fast forward to today and things look notably different:

The New ISO 27001 Certification Landscape

  • As ISO has gone mainstream there is an increasing awareness in both our existing and new clients that ISO-27001 certification isn’t really a project with an end point, it’s a continuous journey.
  • IT and IS budgets are increasingly shifting from capital expense (capex) to operating expense (opex).
  • All organizations are struggling to recruit and retain strong information security personnel. This creates challenges in ensuring the ongoing and effective operation of the 27001 ISMS/Cybersecurity program.

That is why we are excited to now be offering our ISO 27001 consulting services in an “as-a-service” model.

Benefits of the ISO 27001 As-A-Service Model

This approach to consulting services enables organizations to:

  • Establish and execute on an Information Security Roadmap independent of budget
  • Reach ISO 27001 certification at their own pace (fast or slow)
  • Pay for expertise, hands-on assistance, or both
  • Have guaranteed access to the expertise they need, when they need it
  • Move information security and ISO-27001 forward while minimizing the impact on other business critical projects
  • Pay for ISO 27001-related services as an operating expense, not a capital expense
  • Ensure ongoing support: the team that supported you through certification is available to support you moving forward to operate, tune, and validate the ISMS Internal Audit and successfully recertify your ISMS

To find out more about what an ISO 27001 As-A-Service engagement might look like for your organization, contact Pivot Point Security.