December 17, 2019

Last Updated on January 18, 2024

Recently we created a California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance roadmap and made it available as a free download (here). We figured quite a few people would be gathering information about this new regulation and take advantage of some free guidance.
But what surprised us was that 50% of the people downloading our CCPA compliance roadmap were General Counsels, corporate counsels or Chief Legal Officers (CLOs). Could this be a trend, we wondered?
Of course, the trend is obvious and we were just slow to catch on. General Counsels are aligned with the priorities of their organizations, and that includes staving off legal crises like privacy compliance issues and cyber breaches. In fact, the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Chief Legal Officers 2019 Survey found that data breaches, new and emerging regulations and information privacy are the top three concerns for today’s CLOs.
General Counsels and CLOs are responsible for preventing and minimizing legal sanctions, reputational damage and data loss. Yet many are justifiably concerned that their organizations are unprepared or playing catch-up with today’s volatile data protection and cybersecurity landscape, leaving them exposed to unacceptable levels of risk.
If you are a General Counsel or CLO who has a leadership role in proactively reducing security and compliance risk, such as through technical controls and/or incident response programs, etc., contact Pivot Point Security. We would love to strategize with you on approaches to address your concerns—including how to evaluate your current readiness and risk exposure.

CCPA Compliance Roadmap PDF

CCPA Compliance is achievable for anyone! It’s a process made up of things you things you may already be doing. Discover your path to CCPA compliance!