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GDPR & Privacy Shield - What They Mean for Your Business

What is a NIST Penetration Test?

NIST/FISMA information security guidance is generally outstanding and more prescriptive than most other forms of guidance. However, there are limits to any standard’s ability to be prescriptive. These limits generally relate to differing technological...

Catch 22: Outsourced Incident Response (Plan)

Unfortunately, here at Pivot Point we’re all too familiar with Incident Response “Catch 22” situations. Until you have experienced a situation you often can’t (or, more frequently, don’t believe there is a true need to) develop a “comprehensive”...

“Certified” Penetration Testing Company

It’s not uncommon for potential client to ask “Is your company certified to provide Penetration Testing?”.  It’s a great question and one that unfortunately does not have a good answer – YET. Via a client we recently became aware of a British organization called CREST...