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Many teams and organizations rely on the OWASP Top 10 list of the most critical web application security vulnerabilities as a basis for their application security testing, and as high-level guidance for assessing risks and prioritizing remediation of vulnerabilities.

But is the OWASP Top 10 the most efficient and effective guidance to direct your application security testing efforts?

Apparently even OWASP recognizes that additional support is required, because they recently released the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS).

The OWASP ASVS goes beyond traditional frameworks like the OWASP Top 10 in several key ways:

  • It factors in the application’s risk profile to provide a tailored, risk-based set of controls to help teams prioritize efforts and save time and resources.
  • It’s more comprehensive, covering 19 categories of detailed, application-level requirements—from architecture to access control to data protection to mobile.
  • It’s proactive rather than reactive, because it can help you build secure software rather than just search for existing defects in your code.

If you are considering making use of the OWASP ASVS and/or would like to find out more about how its risk-based approach can help streamline application security testing efforts, we invite you to register for our upcoming webinar.

You’ll learn about the most efficient way to attest that your application is secure, and how to prioritize security tasks based on an application’s actual risk profile. Topics we’ll cover include an introduction to the OWASP ASVS, how it differs from the OWASP Top 10, the ASVS testing levels and how they apply to your application, and actionable “next steps” for assurance.

The webinar will be presented by Pivot Point Security’s Application Security Service Lead, Bhaumik Shah (CISA, CEH).

We hope you can join us!

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