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Application Security Webinar

Learn Real Ways To Improve Application Security

From Lao-Tzu to Einstein — Discover Time-Tested Principles in the World of Application Security!

Application Security

Believing that risk management for applications starts at the “top” and permeates throughout an organization, this On-Demand webinar specifically targets a technical issue in “business” language.

During this brief, valuable webinar, we’ll outline the risks and challenges inherent in application security.

John Verry, Principal Security Consultant at Pivot Point Security, takes you through a best practices look at application security. Specifically you’ll learn:

  • Complex Problems require Simple Solutions
  • Leveraging OWASP can simplify the app security process
  • Cost-saving and time-reducing strategies

We maintain a “simplest is best” approach … register now and learn how to leverage OWASP to help address root-cause analysis.