How the Fiserv Application Vulnerability Validates a Strength of OWASP ASVS

A recent security flaw in a financial technology application was discovered by a security researcher. The flaw illustrates a significant…

Bhaumik Shah

Is “Business as Usual” the Biggest Business Continuity Trend?   

From my viewpoint, the latest statistics reported in the Business Continuity Trends and Challenges 2018 report from continuitycentral.com look pretty alarming. For example:…

Bob Cohen

Recovery Planning Neglect – Excuses That Make a BC/DR Professional’s Head Spin 

Quick disclaimer: We really care about our client’s security.  Because of this, my blood has been known to boil when we hear…

Bob Cohen

September 3, 2018: NYDFS 500 “Covered Entities” Compliance Deadline

Entities registered with New York State’s Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) are subject to compliance with the 23 NYCRR 500…

John Verry

6 Strange-but-True Tales of IoT Hacks

We tend to think of our world full of interconnected devices as fun and convenient. Why not monitor your toaster with…

Taylor Smith

Why Pivot Point Security is Now Offering ISO-27001 “As-a-Service” for Certification & Maintenance

Pivot Point Security has been offering ISO-27001 consulting services for over 10 years now – and to this point, we…

Jeremy Sporn

California’s New Privacy Law Means US Firms Can’t Delay Privacy Initiatives Any Longer (Part 2)

The most significant privacy regulation enacted to date, the EU’s GDPR, still feels “over the horizon” to many US firms. For companies that have delayed privacy…

John Verry

California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018: What Could It Mean for Your Business? (Part 1)

The State of California, the fifth largest economy in the world, has just enacted the most far-reaching consumer privacy legislation…

John Verry

Challenges in IoT Security—Is It Getting Better or Worse?

Terry Crowley

9 Data Security Questions Law Firms Should Ask Their SaaS Vendors 

Legal firms are highly dependent on anytime/anywhere access to their systems and data, yet need to keep administrative and operational costs to a minimum.…

Jeremy Sporn