Voice Penetration Testing

Voice Penetration Testing

Voice Penetration Testing as also referred to as War Dialing or VOIP Penetration Testing. Penetration Testing (aka Ethical Hacking) is a substantive test of the net security posture resulting from the security controls applied. It is typically applied to one (or more) domains to assess the net security posture (trustworthiness).

Voice Penetration Testing Options

Dependent upon client objectives and request for attestation we may employ various Voice Penetration Testing techniques aligned with said objectives.

The Investigative Attacker doesn’t have a lot of time, and doesn’t have a lot of tools, and may not even be targeting you specifically. He may stumble upon your external IP during a sweep and will pay you little mind unless you have an obvious security problem. Attackers that get in through a blank or default password on an administrative account are Investigative Attackers.

The Intentioned Attacker has more time, and a few more tools than the Investigative attacker. More importantly, she has intent. She wants to find a weakness in your network specifically. Attackers that get in by exploiting an unpatched vulnerability in an operating system or network service are Intentioned Attackers.

The Tenacious Attacker has time, tools, intent, and determination. He is willing to go the extra mile to make it past your defenses. He may even attempt social engineering to find a way beyond your perimeter defenses. He will do it quietly, though, and take care to go unnoticed. Attackers who convince your help desk to reset an account password for them are Tenacious Attackers.

Why Partner with Pivot Point Security?

Continually evolving technology, business requirements, regulations, and threats make “being secure” and “proving you’re compliant” increasingly complex. The only logical response: Simplify. We make it easier to prove that you are secure and compliant by:

  • Focusing on the core group of security assessment services you need to do so;
  • Taking the time to understand your business and then optimizing our approach for your unique situation;
  • Delivering reports and guidance that are easily understood and acted on by both management and technical personnel; and,
  • Basing your assessment and recommendations on trusted, “open” (non-proprietary, non-vendor specific) guidance to simplify the process of operating and maintaining your Information Security Management System after we leave.

Pivot Point Security has the right combination of Information Security / Compliance domain expertise, technology industry knowledge & experience, and organizational character to simplify the process of defining and executing on the best course of action so you can know you’re secure and prove you’re compliant.

Pivot Point Security is a great choice for your Information Security demand.